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Feathers And Fleece Old English Sheepdogs

Feathers And Fleece
Old English Sheepdog Hugs

As you can tell, Feathers and Fleece is a dog-loving business.

Just loving on your dog(s) can change your mood in an instant!
Research has shown us that there are real psychological and physiological benefits from being around animals.
Playing catch, taking a walk, or even practicing tricks are great ways to engage in activity.

For over 35 years now, researchers have been looking into the benefits of pet ownership within recovering heart attack patients.
Only 5.7% of pet owners died within one year of discharge, compared to 28.2% of non-pet owners.
The American Journal of Cardiology states that there was a study of 369 patients.
 This study showed an increase in one year survival in dog owners by a factor of 8.6 over non-dog owners.
These benefits have shown to be effective in other diseases as well, such as depression and Alzheimer's Disease.
It is also said to lower your blood pressure and heart rate.

Now you may ask, how is all of this possible?
Illness creates the feeling of being disconnected from your friends.
Illness or disability intensifies this feeling of separation.
Animals, on the other hand, do not care if we are sick.
They accept us for who we are no matter what.
This helps us to see that we are still important to them and others.
Patients such as the ones I mentioned earlier can become overwhelmed with this love.. But in a good way.
They feed off of this energy, which helps them to almost treat themselves.
It is a fact that just by petting your dog can lower blood pressure, heart rate, and stress hormones.

Therapy Dogs
Therapy dogs typically visit patients in hospitals and nursing homes.
The goal of this therapy is to incorporate these dogs into the daily lives of patients through recreation, education, and companionship.
It is important that all therapy dogs are up-to-date on vaccines, and also has some experience in obedience training.
Feathers and Fleece Farm will provide you with your vaccination sheets as you pick up your puppy.
They will all be up-to-date.
The only vaccination that you will need to worry about after picking your pup up is for rabies.
Rabies vaccinations are only to be given to dogs of the age of 12 weeks.
It can be harmful to dogs of any age below.
This is why you will need to take care of this later on.
In terms of obedience training, we do offer this with our 4 week training program.
See the link below to find more information.

Just having a dog around can be therapeutic for children and adults alike.
One thing that is interesting is that for children, reading to your dog can be beneficial.
If you are afraid to read aloud, this could be a good trick to get you over that fear.
Animals are now being incorporated into the military personnel returning from war.
This is to aid these veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
They are also in prisons, which helps the inmates learn empathy and training skills.
Additionally, some dentists keep them in with them to help reduce stress from those fearful of dental exams.

Not only are these things beneficial for you, but they are beneficial for your dog as well.
These things will be done for the well-being of both you and your dog.
Our dogs enjoy spending positive time with us.
Also, it is said that therapy dogs tend to work much better with veterinarian and grooming care.
They are used to participating in every day activity of patients.
Another benefit for us is that we may recognize problems sooner because we are spending more time with our pets.
So next time you're feeling low or sick, hug your dog.
It will go a long way!

How Dogs Can Help Your Depression
  1. You may think that you are not capable of taking care of a pet right now, but you may be wrong.
    Adding this small sense of responsibility could help you. It adds a new positive focus to your life.
    This kind of responsibility can help you realize that you are indeed capable of taking care of this animal, but also yourself.

  2. Getting a dog can help you get off the couch.
    Your pet needs to have activity in his/her life, as do you.
    This will ensure that you are getting that physical activity that will help you both physically and mentally.

  3. Routine can be very beneficial for someone dealing with depression.
    It is important to keep a daily schedule.
    Owning a dog can help you do just that.
    Dogs need to be taken out many times throughout the day.
    They need to go out to use the restroom after they eat, they need to walk or play to get their daily exercise, etc.
    They are constantly demanding for something, so this can help you stay on task.

  4. Depression is a very lonely disease.
    If you have a dog, you're never alone.
    This will make enough difference.

  5. Just by having a dog, you can start to become more social.
    You can start intervening with your friends again.
    You might find people to talk to on your morning walk with your dog.
    Like the saying goes, pets are natural icebreakers. Other pet owners love to talk about their pets.

  6. This one may sound a little weird, but awkwardly enough studies show that people feel better when they
    have physical contact with others.
    Dogs can offer you something similar to this.
    You may naturally find yourself petting your dog without even realizing it.
    This will help with your need of contact.
    Also, if you allow them, your dog can sit on your lap.
    Like many Old English Sheepdogs, they will love on you until you can't take it anymore.
    They love being touched and cuddled.